Cancer cure

No M.D. one will do exploratory surgery WITHOUT “puncturing for a biopsy.” That’s the whole purpose of exploratory surgery! The problem is that standard western medicine does not HEAL cancer, just nukes the body or poisons it with chemo, hoping that it will kill the cancer without killing the patient.

Best to just stay away from the chemo and radiation and go holistic. Alkalize the body (baking soda in water is GREAT for that,) purify the diet, lots of greens, no sugars, tons of vitamin C and the like. Also bentonite clay is great for pulling toxins, fungus, free radicals and the like out of the body to make a body disease-free.

But if someone doesn’t even want to be biopsied, they need to not check themselves into surgery in the first place! That’s what surgeons do — biopsies. And NOT doing it can be scary too, but sometimes there are other ways.


I’d take black salve (people do it!), ganoderma (red reishi), superfood powders known for anti-cancer, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake, M. speciosa, liposomal vitamin C, inhale 1% hydrogen peroxide from ultrasonic humidifier, take baths in 1% peroxide, eat moringa powder…